Pricing for czech trips:

In the case of one to two participants, it is 3509 CZK (app. 140 EUR) + petrol. With more participants 1452 CZK (app. 60 EUR) per head + petrol. In the case of a night-night event, 968 (app. 40 EUR) per head is added. Petrol for one day trip costs from 600 to 1200 CZK (app. 25 – 50 EUR). We drive a comfortable and safe hybrid SUV. In Prague I can load you and return you home again, or we will agree somewhere along the route. The rule of sensitive approach to animals applies, we will behave with respect for the observed nature. Animals cannot be guaranteed, it can greatly affect the weather, but you have a guide who provided with know how many Czech wildlife photographers to look for owls, predators and some other rare animals.

If the weather looks completely bad, we’ll move the trip. If we would be extremely unlucky, I would apply the rule of the second attempt, when the participants don’t pay the guiding fee again, only petrol costs. My goal is to make you as satisified as possible and let you share your feeling of an unique experience in Czech nature. I look forward to you!

Pricing for world trips:

Due to the situation around COVID-19, they are not possible, but to give you an idea and let you can start looking forward to, or pre-registering for the 2021 season, here are some examples of complete costs, how much your dream and experience-filled expedition will cost. This amount really includes everything except souvenirs, it means transport, accommodation, food, drinks, all fees and my organizational and guiding fee.

8 days in the beautiful wilderness of Bulgaria costs up to 30,000 CZK (app. 1200 EUR). A 14-day tropical experience in Malaysia will cost app. 70,000 CZK (the price may be affected by the price of the ticket), what is app. 2800 EUR. And I will end with two top trips to the Himalaya, which are with not as extremely expensive as can be found on the Internet. trip for snow leopards and the beauty of the winter Himalaya will cost you around 80,000 CZK (app. 3200 EUR). And for super cute red pandas about 90,000 CZK (app. 3600 EUR). And in both of these cases, our participation will financially support the protection of these rare and endangered animals.