Pricing for czech trips:

In the case of one to two participants, it is 4477 CZK (app. 185 EUR) + travel expenses. With more participants 2057 CZK (app. 85 EUR) per head + travel exp. In the case of a night-night event, 1210 (app. 50 EUR) per head is added. Travel expenses are 9 CZK per km. For a typical one day trip cost 2178 CZK (app. 90 EUR). We drive a comfortable and safe hybrid SUV. In Prague I can load you and return you home again, or we will agree somewhere along the route. The rule of sensitive approach to animals applies, we will behave with respect for the observed nature. Animals cannot be guaranteed, it can greatly affect the weather, but you have a guide who provided with know how many Czech wildlife photographers to look for owls, predators and some other rare animals.

Discount for parents with children! Children are our future and it is my mission that they learn to admire and respect nature. That’s why parents with children pay only the basic price for 1 to 2 people and children are completely free! The limit is only the capacity of the car and the age of the children for this discount up to and including 17 years.

If the weather looks completely bad, we’ll move the trip. If we would be extremely unlucky, I would apply the rule of the second attempt for one day trips, when the participants don’t pay the guiding fee again, only petrol costs. My goal is to make you as satisified as possible and let you share your feeling of an unique experience in Czech nature. I look forward to you!

Pricing for world trips:

Traveling with a guide, not a travel agency, is different. We put the trips together individually and agree on the itinerary together, of course I give my tips from my experience from previous years and the current situation. The resulting total costs can thus be variable, according to the amount of your wishes and also according to the current price of plane tickets, fuel, etc. Here I present several examples of complete costs, i.e. how much your dream trip abroad, full of experiences, will cost in total. This amount really includes everything except souvenirs, i.e. transport, accommodation, food, drinks, all fees and my organization and guide fee.

An 8-day trip to the beautiful wilderness of Bulgaria costs about 35,000 CZK (1460 EUR). An equally long event to observe the Iberian lynx and other animals in Spain costs about 45,000 CZK (1875 EUR). A 14-day tropical experience in Malaysia will cost around 90,000 CZK (3750 EUR). And I’ll finish with two top trips to the Himalayas, which with me are far from being as extremely expensive as you can find on the Internet. I can take you to the snow leopards and the beauty of the winter Himalayas for 115,000 to 150,000 CZK (4800 to 6250 EUR, depending on the length of the itinerary and the number of required permits). And for super cute red pandas for about 120,000 CZK (5000 EUR). And in both of these cases, our participation will also financially support the protection of these rare and endangered animals.

A huge advantage of traveling with me is my experience, language skills and contacts and technical equipment. You are not traveling with a successful photographer who has been there to take photos and now takes you with him, nor with the usual guide who knows the country and its customs in general, but with a professional wildlife guide who returns to the places of the trips, has established relationships with the local people, guides, conservationists, he knows how to negotiate, obtain unique information and himself knows many possibilities on the spot, he is oriented in observing signs of residence, he knows the sounds of animals and he has a unique arsenal of search and observation techniques, including top-notch thermal imaging devices. And that is the reason why the expeditions are so successful.