Would you like to see large rare vultures, wolves and jackals, various orchids, mantises, interesting hoopoes, lovely scops owls and little owls on the deserted Balkans? Would you like a tropical adventure full of incredibly colorful birds, strange butterflies, singing frogs, monkeys and even mysterious carnivores? Or is it your life dream to visit the highest mountains of the world, the Himalaya and see the mountain ghost, the snow leopard or the cute red panda? Ask for your unforgettable trip! trip@flyfish.cz

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Snow leopard trip – February 2022

Beautiful mountains, smiling people, perfect food and the most mysterious big cat in the world. Without experience and the right decisions, you have very little chance of seeing the snow leopards. And we have the experience and a perfect local team. So we observed seven of them on the last visit. This is your lifetime trip to the wilderness!

Expected complete costs (only your souvenirs are not included) are 3300 EUR (85 000 CZK).

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