Spot snow leopards in Himalayas – February 2022 – your lifetime experience!

Beautiful mountains, smiling people, perfect food and the most mysterious big cat in the world. Without experience and the right decisions, you have very little chance of seeing the snow leopards. And we have the experience and a perfect local team. So we observed seven of them on the last visit. This is your lifetime trip to the wilderness!

Fill out the contact form and submit it at the bottom of the page. I will usually get back to you within 24 hours and discuss the options and details.

And we can do it for good money. Expected costs for the whole trip, including flight, permits, food, drinks (only souvenirs you’ll buy for home are not included): 3 300 EUR (CZK 85 000) !!!

What will you enjoy in the Himalayas?

1. Beautiful high mountains. We will be in the part of the Himalayas, where six thousand peaks will rise around us and higher in sight. We will most often move around 4 to 5 thousand meters above sea level. There is no need to be an experienced climber, a fitness that allows for trouble-free movement in usual european hills is fair enough. Part of our expedition will be a good acclimatization. However, we also have the remedies for a possible alpine disease (oxygen, available transport below, etc.) for sure. We are not greenhorns and we do not underestimate anything.

2. Very nice people. We will be in the land of lamas, there is no hurry, life flows with respect and humility. Everyone around you is smiling. We will also enjoy living with the Himalayan people, in one of the highest villages in the world. We will enjoy the culture directly. And it’s worth it!

3. Very tasty and fragrant food. In Ladakh, where we will be, several cultures are mixed, and with it, of course, several cuisines. Local Ladakhi, Tibetan, Indian from several regions, Pakistani and Parsian. You can only have such an experience here. And of course you will also enjoy the home kitchen prepared in the middle of the living room on a small stove heated by yak dung.

4. A large number of rare animals. In addition to snow leopard, there is also wolf, lynx, several species of mountain ungulates, vulture, lammergeier, eagle, kiang, snowcock, partridge and also owls, the highest living in the world! I can say for myself that seeing the snow leopard is a very emotional, beautiful experience. I’ve seen hunting, mating, kittens playing. But the full top can be hearing the leopard in those high mountains. Imagine the night, you haven’t seen so many stars anywhere yet, the silence is disturbed only a little with a wind. And the snow leopard female, who is in mating period and is trying to make contact with a male, roars between the mountains. It makes me excited only by writing and remembering it.

5. Cold weather. Wintertime in the Himalayas. While during a day you can only wear one merino wool layer in the sun and even -12 degrees is not a problem, as soon as the sun falls below, the temperature and the feeling of temperature drop tremendously. You just have to be in wool and feathers. -30 is not rare there in the winter at night. Of course, we will advise you on what to take with you for this Himalayan trip.

COVID info:

It is currently unclear whether a trip to Ladakh (India) in February 2023 will be possible. So now you are applying as a candidate only and you gain priority as soon as we start the realization of the event. There is no need to pre-pay anything now, so there is no risk you’ll lose some money . Therefore, do not hesitate too much with the preliminary application. Only a very small group (max. 5 people) will travel.

Submit your request using our e-mail you can find in contact link above.